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At Great Danes4U, (a Great Dane Puppy Breeder in the Springfield, Missouri - Marshfield, Missouri 65706 has Quality Great Dane Puppies for Sale.  Your Great Dane puppy could be a Fawn Great Dane puppy or a Brindle Great Dane puppy or a Black Great Dane puppy.  Most of our Fawn & Brindle Great Dane stock is +5-Generation Color-Pure AKC Registered.  All are Micro chipped plus all are DNA Profiled.  Most of our stock are OFA Certified, (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals),  if age appropriate.
AKC Great Dane Puppies go micro-chipped, 2 applications of Bordettela vaccine to prevent Kennel Cough, 2 Parvo shots, (or more),  at least 1 Vet check, plus a variety of wormers.  Most go home close to Housebroke!

Enjoy Free Information about Great Danes Appearance, Standards, K-9 Care, this Breeder's Policies, Dane History and many Pictures of Great Danes on this FREE Website.  Please send your comments, suggestions, or to be registered in the litter email flier database; send you email request to: or call: 417-859-0844 to schedule a *LIVE* Web Cam appointment or information!   Please call to make an appointment to visit GreatDanes4U in Marshfield, Missouri 65706!

GreatDanes4U uses this site to promote Healthy, Trained, Socialized Multi-Generation Color-Pure FAWN and BRINDLE AKC Great Dane Puppies.  Many Great Dane puppies are Breeding Quality and Show Potential pups are available as well.  While occasionally Black and rarely Blue Great Dane puppies are also available.  Stud service also available.

2017 Litter #2:
DOB: 18 Nov. 2017
Fawn &Brindle

Available 13 Jan 2018
*7 Week photos of individual pups now on Current puppies page*
These are actually 6 week old puppies from a previous litter.  There are 4 AKC Great Dane puppies.  2 are Brindle, (1 Male),  2 are Fawn with 1 male. 
**ONLY the Brindle Male $900 is still available!**

Available 13 Jan 2018
Air shipping includes Crate & crate prep, Vet visit, Health Certificate, Air Fare, (based on size of crate & weight + puppy weight & logistics to make it happen: *Pups under 35# add $500, Between 35 & 75#'s add $600.  Shipping to the lower 48-States from the Springfield, Missouri Airport, (SGF), using American and Delta Airlines.
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This is the Great Dane Policies Page:

Home of Black, Fawn & Brindle Great Danes

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Good Breeder
Breeder's Beliefs
Mission Statement of Breeding and Operational Procedures.
**Puppy Contract with Health Warranty**
**Details & Responsibilities of Health Warranty**
**Spay / Neuter Contract**
This is ONLY Required for Pet Quality sales - but always encouraged!
Motels/Hotels from $20 - Springfield, Missouri.
Also Missouri Department of Transportation (MO-DOT) Road Conditions, Weather and more!
Information regarding Domestic Shipments.

**Deposits, Returns & Health Care Guarantee**
Information about International Shipments.
STUD: Le Tigre's Contract *Brindle
Sire: Le Tigre' *Brindle  (Must see accolades!)
STUD: Zeus's Contract *Brindle
Sire: Zeus's *Brindle  (Must see accolades!)
DNA AKC Information
All my Parents has been DNA analyzed and certified.
Puppy Aptitude Test
How to pick the puppy with the attitude you want.
AKC Appearance Standards
Great Dane Appearance *referenced AKC website.
Great Dane Club of USA Standards
Great Dane Standards *compiled from Great Dane Club of America & other Dane websites.
AKC page 1
First page of handout on Great Danes from the American Kennel Club.
AKC page 2
Second page of handout on Great Danes from the American Kennel Club.
Please Note:
"The Springfield Great Dane Meet-up Club"
has been discontinued the meetings in the Phelps Grove Park in Springfield, MO. until further notice. 

Please click on link to see the Great Dane Day in the Park!
Call (417) 859-0844 for questions or to arrange your *LIVE* web cam viewing.
Fawn & Brindle Great Danes Puppies for Sale in Marshfield, Missouri 65706 U.S.A.
Hope you have a Great Dane Day!
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Letter from LongNeedle Entertainment - Great Dane Appreciation Time

GreatDanes4U have aired on "Animal Atlas" episode #406 titled; "Man's Best Friend", and are on 2 DVD productions:
1) "Animal Empire's"; 2) "Puppy Party" both from "Long Needle Entertainment". 

You can see email from the executive producer on the Testimonial's Page.
The Fawn & Brindle Great Danes & Brindle pups are mine & yes I am in this video!
2:03 Nabilia, 3:33 Tiger, 3:58 Tiger & Lumpy, 5:53 Tiger & Lumpy, 6:17 Nabilia, 6:50 ME with Tiger, Lumpy & Black-Noser, 8:35,9:11, 17:53 Nabilia's Brindle Pups, 19:57 ME with Lumpy & Black-Noser.
There are other programs with much footage of my critters!
***"The Springfield Great Dane Meet-up" Club SUSPENDS meetings in the Phelps Grove Park  until further notice!!!*** Want to see photos of past "Danes in the Park Days"?
Quality Great Dane Pups

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GreatDanes4U has Quality Great Danes at Reasonable Prices

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